WS 9: Replacing the main spring of a Rolex Caliber 1570

A close up of the balance and the hairspring. You also clearly see where the last coil of the hairspring continues upward to be connected to the spring stud. Breguet had invented this "Overcoil" and it is also often after named after him. Breguet holds many watch patents and made a lot of important inventions that contributed enormously to the development of the horology in the last century. Even he is referred to as "Brequette" in mostly US American publications, trust me, his name is Breguet and this writing is probably just an attempt of a somewhat phonetic transcription. Today the Breguet watch brand is part of the Swatch conglomerate by the way.  Abraham-Louis Breguet lived from 1747 to 1823 and is probably one of the biggest watch inventors ever. Self-winding, shock resistance, tourbillion and the pursuit of high precision watches were amongst his biggest achievements. It is said, that during his life time, 500 fake Breguet watches were exported out of Paris for each genuine Breguet watch.

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