WS 8: Cleaning the winding parts of a Rolex Caliber 3035

Here is a close-up of the rotor from the underside and the automatic winding system. There is almost no wear noticeable. All parts are clean, all teeth look like like they should. A very pleasant discovery to find this kind of condition that has been worn for years on an almost daily basis. And I do not quite like to mention this: I had worn this watch during ice hockey games - covered under the ice hockey gloves - ignoring the additional risk to my wrists from hits. And not to talk about the risk of getting the movement damaged. But obviously mechanical watches can absorb quite some shocks. I had also worn this watch to the sauna at several occasions. I was wearing it daily or better during 24 hours and this watch has certainly experienced its share of an active life-style. Yet it had never seized to function.

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