WS 8: Cleaning the winding parts of a Rolex Caliber 3035

I had never seen jewels holding the date disk. Just shows that I have been working on "Poor Man's" watch movements mainly (wink). You can say about Rolex and their pricing and advertising what you want. But I can tell you this, if you start working with their movements, you will start changing your mind or dropping some of the prejudice. Rolex makes good watches, maybe not highly refined stuff as their sales price could imply. It is the overall consistency of quality and technology that has impressed me.

Note (not for the watchmaker): I will always take a picture of the complete dial side of the movement. Calendar mechanisms can be quite tricky! And you better have a high resolution picture to check how the parts are properly assembled. These pictures have often reduced my "guessing" time when reassembling.

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