WS 8: Cleaning the winding parts of a Rolex Caliber 3035

There is a little fiber sticking next to the wheel at ten, but this is not why I included the picture. Look at the nice printing under this large magnification. As you can see, the date wheel had been turned for many rounds (months). There is slight wear visible at the inside teeth of the wheel. But not at all worrying.

The reassembly of the cleaned winding parts is not complicated. Rob did this so quickly, I did not even have a chance to take a picture, I was probably in the kitchen cleaning up the chemistry and boiling water for another round of tea. Also Rob was satisfied with the cleanliness of the mainspring in the barrel and decided not to remove it.

Of course the bottom of the barrel is now being oiled between the windings of the spring. Then the oiler is used to oil the top of the spring by simply moving it across the windings for a couple of times. The small gaps between the windings make sure they "suck" the oil into the right place between the windings. Capillary suction is the underlying physical principle at work. Then the barrel arbor is oiled and the barrel is ready for assembly.

The keyless works are oiled - and I am skipping this part, because I have never witnessed how Rob did that, but trust that the web will provide you this information readily. And ... my finger typs are hurting now, I have been typing these pages in one go. Back to the movement now.

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