WS 8: Cleaning the winding parts of a Rolex Caliber 3035

Now we are in the kitchen. I prefer to do this kind of cleaning work in an area where spills could easily be cleaned up. On the left the Elma cleaning machine T-310 filled with orange 1:9 mix of strong local Thai made cleansing solution. Just right of the cleaning machine, two glass containers filled with Ronson lighter fuel to be used after the ultra sonic bath to give the parts an additional two rounds of rinsing. All rests of cleansing liquid should be rinsed off. Also if you use water based cleansing liquids (we found that the biodegradable cleansing solutions led to meager cleansing effects) rinsing the parts in light fuel will make sure residual water droplets are removed.
In the background, one full bottle of locally made cleansing solution, an empty bottle and a drinking water bottle to store the 1:9 solution for another use. Including a warning in Thai not to drink the content! A small mixing container and a funnel just above the cover of the cleaning machine and the "chemistry" tour is finished.

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