WS 7: Vintage Omega Seamaster Gasket Ring Replacement

The Case Back

Features the famous Seahorse decorating SEAMASTER case backs since 1956 and proved to be far more successful then Certina's turtle on the DS (Double Safety or Doppelte Sicherheit - water and shock resistance) case backs. I liked those turtles too, a nice memory from my youth when Certina was still making nice mechanical watches. The quartz revolution had kicked many companies out of their tracks and Certina today is producing mainly quartz watches and has focused on advertising in the motor bike race circuit (2000). In 2003 during the record hot summer I discovered a lovely big chronograph from Certina with a 7750 movement. Obviously Certina is back on track and that is very pleasant news.
Back to Omega: the Seahorse and the rooftop of the observatory with the night sky and stars of the Omega Constellations are probably the most popular case back decorations from Omega and it is really a pleasure to look at those case backs.

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