WS 7: Vintage Omega Seamaster Gasket Ring Replacement

The Dial's and the Hands' origins remain unclear

I knew right after I bought this watch on watch meeting that the dial must be new or professionally refurbished. Why? Because when I returned home late and came into the dark apartment, the watch was glowing like a SKX779K. How was that possible? I had inspected the dial and first assumed that it was a NOS Omega dial because the printing was so amazingly precise.
Much later I inspected the dial with my 40 x stereoscope and found two very small depressions near the OMEGA lettering. I assume, that these holes were to fit the feet of an Omega logo. Whoever had refurbished that dial, did a great job. From looking at the dial from the upside, there is no way you could tell that it had been refurbished. The indices, the index ticks, all is so accurate, maybe even accurate then Omega could produce those original dials.

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Please note the lume starts to set in as soon as the light is a bit lower

This is the original resized picture out of my Nikon Coolpix after having exposed the dial to the desktop lamp for a while. It must be Tritium since the luminosity does not show the quick fading effect as Luminova does