WS 7: Vintage Omega Seamaster Gasket Ring Replacement

Cleaning the Upper Case

Of the O-Ring in the upper case half. I used the sharp blade of the watch opener knife (the one you should not use to open watch backs since a sharp blade always increases the risk of leaving marks) to cut some tooth picks in order to get all the rests of the dried out old O-Ring out. I did not use watchmaker's screwdrivers. It would have been a lot faster. But remember, you will never use your watch screwdrivers as scraping tools as this would mean you would have to file them again. Butchered watch slots have normally two causes: abused screwdrivers or too small screwdrivers used. Also screwdrivers will leave ugly scraping marks on the watch case. Thus a tooth pick makes a nice tool for this task. Or a peg wood if you need to apply more force.

Rinsing watch crystals and watch cases on the inside is a tedious task. After a bit more practice I suggest the following:

1) After removing all the rubber parts, use a degreaser (window cleanser) to get rid of fat and dirt

2) Rinse with hot water and immediately shake off any excess water drops especially on the inside. A dried water drop will be visible on a black face watch!

3) I normally run (!) back to the table and suck up any remaining water drops on the inside of the crystal with a tissue. This trick has worked very well and shortened the time needed to properly rinse out a crystal considerably. Then check with the loupe for cleanliness. If not OK, start over with step 1.

4) Wait two hours until all excess water is dried up or use a hairdryer (careful with plastic cases or acrylic crystals) to accelerate the drying process.

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The groove for the O-Ring is already cleaned in this picture - well, there are some rests left as you can see in the picture below

There were some signs of corrosion in the groove, but not very serious as you can see in the next picture

The before mentioned Degreasing Agent or Window Cleanser

The corrosion proved to be residues from the old O-Ring mainly and here is a picture of the upper Watch Case drying on a tissue after it had been cleaned with Window Cleanser and rinsed with hot Water