WS 6: Repairing a Caliber PUW 910: New Movement - Dial Side

Here is why they did not sell those movements anymore. Around the battery compartment, you can clearly see corrosion from leaking battery acid. Nice turquoise crystals as it is typical for sulfur oxide. But, it was working, that was the main point. And of course Somboon did not lower the price significantly: THB 350 or USD 9, well, what the heck! But in his favour I have to add: he will always help you find the right parts and he will always take time regardless whether you are looking for an expensive Bergeon tool or just a case clamp. Some members of the Thai watch community refuse to go to his shop because of his inflexible prices. Yet his professional and helpful attitude and the time he invests to get you what you are looking for must also be taken in account and that is why I am still his customer.
Back to the technical part. Now you have a nice view to the keyless works. On the right next to the stem, you can see the lower end of the pusher ending on the setting lever. The lever that holds the castle wheel in place is partly covered by the largest part of the keyless works, but you can easily find the lever for the castle wheel if you draw a straight line from the number 5(12). About 5 mm to the right you will see a gold colored pivot. There is a lever leading perpendicularly back to the stem. This is the lever you will need to lift and that holds the castle wheel in place. You can see the wheels of the hands setting wheels and the only jewel you can see from the dial side is the rotor's top jewel.

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