WS 6: Repairing a Caliber PUW 910: Broken lower Battery Contact

When the watch did not start and I found that the lower battery contact was broken, I was very happy. Now that explains it all I said to myself. How to get a new battery contact was another question. Since I still had some time before I could go to the watch parts shop - and those incidents always happens on days or during hours the shops are closed - I tried to solder that battery contact together. I have a low temperature soldering station especially designed for watch work, so this was the chance to try it out on a real thing.

I tried a couple of times, but the battery contact was made of steel and I realized that the soldered joint would never be able to support the battery well enough to make a firm contact and at that time I was not even sure, whether or not that battery contact needed to float above the underlying dial or not. So a trip to the watch parts shop was due...

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