WS 6: Repairing a Caliber PUW 910: New and old Movement

While I was in the expensive watch parts shop again several weeks later and waiting for my invoice to be prepared (they are handwritten and take some time and also sometimes in Thai, so I will have to translate them in English at home) I was looking at the movement display stand on the counter. Suddenly I remembered: PUW910! Confidently I asked for a caliber PUW910 to be added to my bill. I thought they should be readily available after it was so easy to get spare parts for them. "Yes, we have a couple of those left, but not for sale" What? Why? Because they all have battery leakage corrosion. Can I see them? Yes, but... come on, just show them to me. After I sorted out the best looking movement, I asked for the quartz tester and asked also for a battery to be inserted. And ... there it was ... starting right away with no problems at all!

Yipee! Homer is soon back home... well not quite ... but read on please

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