WS 6: Repairing a Caliber PUW 910: Hour Wheel and Cannon Pinion

I think the experienced watchmaker will smile and see immediately what is wrong here. But I will let you think for a while now and if you have no idea what was wrong, then please go to the next page.

Little excurse non-hacking automatic Watches
Just a side note here, because the center pinion is so nicely visible. Remember the discussion about hacking non-hacking watches? The play between the center pinion (not used in this watch since there are no second hands) and the cannon pinion determines how easily the second hand of a non-hacking watch could be hacked. If backward pressure is applied to the stem, the center pinion will touch the cannon pinion and stop. This has of course nothing to do with this project, I just felt this picture illustrates the parts involved nicely.

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