WS 6: Repairing a Caliber PUW 910: Replacement Circuit underside

Interesting enough, the caliber number of the newer circuit is on the underside. The black patch of resin on the left contains the chip of the circuit. Now you understand why I had been mentioning the unusually shaped slope on the movment, this was the gap for the chip. The very left end is where the circuit is connected to the coil. The right end (biggest hole) is where that blue colored battery contact holder will protrude and hold the battery contact and circuit in place. And then of course you can see the underside of the regulating capacitor.

Battery contact (THB 30 or 80 cents), new coil (THB 100 or USD 2.50), new circuit THB 150 or USD 4) - what do you think, did this now fix the problem? Of course if you looked at the overview table then you know, standard answer for this project: "NO!" The minute hand would still not move! Thus it wasn't the crystal or the circuit. Again, I put the project on hold and tried to figure out what might be the problem. And of course, also what to tackle next?! I had seen that gear train and it looked tiny, a lot tinier then on an automatic and I was not really looking forward to assembling it. But of course, most of you will know that open projects will keep bothering you...

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