WS 6: Repairing a Caliber PUW 910: Broken lower Battery Contact 2

Here is one more close-up of the battery contact, it was very hard to see, I suspect that battery fluids had started corroding the contact at the bent, the location with the highest tension in the material. It is a well-known phenomenon that corrosion often starts at the locations with the highest stress.
Also great about digital cameras, you can always go back during repair work and check on a picture. I was not sure whether I had cracked the battery contact while putting in the new battery but the picture below taken after removing the old battery showed, it had been cracked already.

I made a drawing, printed it out, just in case, I was sure I was never going to find a spare, so a drawing might have helped to pick something similar and then improvise again. Much to my surprise, Somboon (the owner of the best equipped watch parts shop in Bangkok, also the one with the stiffest prices by the way) said, yes, that is a PUW910 battery contact and we have those on stock. I was pinching my arm, I was convinced I was dreaming...

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