WS 5: Shortening a Sterling Silver Bracelet.


I am very honest, I could have done a better job taking pictures, but since this was my first work with the A&F micro torch and since I really had a hard time refilling it with my Thai Made Butane gas bottle, I felt my camera and working environment was not safe enough for a digital camera to be so close :-)

Thus please accept the description of the work in text form, still I shot some pictures to illustrate the before and after states. So it will not all be boring text.

Update January 2006: 2-component glue instead of micro torch
With a similar job, I decided to use Araldite (the normal 12 hour drying version, not Araldite Rapid, the fast drying version) 2 component glue. In my opinion, glue works well if the ends of the bracelets at the clasp side are shaped like the ones on the watch below: they provide perfect compartments for the glue. And the glue will flow into the mesh too.
The micro torch is still the solution if you have to connect bracelet parts without having end-links like on the Anne Klein watch below.

The Task

This Anne Klein watch, the Anne Klein brand is btw. owned by SEIKO, has a Sterling Silver 925 case and bracelet. The bracelet is not adjustable and comes at a length of 7 inch from the factory. The only adjustment is ca. 4 mm provided by two slots in the buckle, not really much. Well, some women might want to wear this watch as a bracelet and be comfortable with its hanging loosely around the wrist. My customer however, my Mother-in-Law, wanted the bracelet to be fit to her 5 3/8 inch wrist. Thus almost 2 inches had to go... She had asked a watch shop and a Jeweler shop to do the adjustment, but without success. So the watch landed in a drawer for a couple of years.

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Here is the bracelet in question. The ends of the bracelets are soldered into the buckle on both sides.