Step 4: Depending on the Amount of Dirt choose the Cleaning Interval

between 5 and 10 minutes. Ultra-sonic machines make a sound that we adults normally can not hear, still, our ears will record it and babies and animals (especially dogs) with the capability of hearing higher frequencies might be able to hear some of the higher frequencies. The T310 works at 35 kHz and I felt I could "sense" that noise. Therefore we placed the machine into the kitchen during cleaning. The kitchen is a good place, because the used cleaning liquid could be easily filled into a properly labeled bottle to be used again.

Step 5: Carefully lift the Baskets out of the Tank

and check whether there is any orphan parts remaining in the cleansing fluid. After cleaning, you will be able to see the residues in the water. You can re-use the liquid a couple of times, if you feel it is getting really dirty, use fresh cleansing fluid. Here is a picture of the fluid after the first washing - all those black spots are dirt that came out of the movement parts and bridges:

Step 6: Rinse the Parts twice in Lighter Fuel

I used small glass containers that would just have the right size to accomodate the baskets and since I could not find any light fuel I used "Ronson" lighter fuel, the one that is used to refill fuel based lighters (e.g. like Zippos etc.).

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