Step 1: Separate the bigger/heavier and smaller Parts

It is important to separate the smaller and bigger parts and fill them in separate baskets. Bridges, and bigger parts and wheels are being separated from small wheels, small sc

Important: Painted items like dials, hands and items containing glue or adhesives (watch case - connection to crystal) never go into the cleaning machine. The paint or adhesive might come off and irreparable damage might be done. As a rule of thumb, just put the parts consisting of nothing else then metal including the jewels into the cleaning machine. Also read the instructions of the machine and the cleaning fluid for further information.

Step 2: Fill the Tank of the Cleaning Machine according to the Instructions

The instruction of the machine says to fill the tank with the 1:50 PROZYM : Water mix to about 2/3 thirds of the tank. Please be careful when lowering your baskets into the liquid.

Step 3: Carefully lower the Baskets into the Tank

Some parts are so small and so light, if you lower the baskets too fast, they might just swap out and into the tank. Close the cover, and set the timer (if your machine has one - but it is not really a requirement).

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Note: For those with really sharp eyes, the parts in the basket are from the AS 1130, easily to recognize because of the straight lined bridges :-) Especially the train bridge on the left side in the left basket.