WS 25 Battery change on MechaQuartz IWC Caliber 631 R397 (SR726SW)

I placed the 1.0 mm (Bergeon marks its end with a black ring) watchmaker's screwdriver next to the gold-plated battery holder, the fine scew that holds it down and the old and new battery. Please also note that gold-plated minus contact at the bottom of the empty batter compartment. This contact is bent upwards and thus needs to be pressed down after having replaced the battery. It is not that easy sometimes to press the battery down while replacing the battery holder.
Many Miyota and Seiko Quartz calibers have a spring on the side of the battery, so if the battery is inserted into the battery compartment it will stay there and the battery holder can be screwed on without pressing the battery down.
The next picture will show you how I used the insulated Rubis (Swiss brand) tweezers to press the battery down while tightening the battery holder screw.

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