WS 25 Battery change on MechaQuartz IWC Caliber 631 R397 (SR726SW)

It is always a joy to see these MechaQuartz movements. For me it certainly is. I have always been a big fan of this movement that combines a mechanical chronograph movement with an electronic step motor driven quartz movement. What I liked most about it, was the fact that you could start the chronograph and then pull out the crown to set the time to e.g. a world time (while traveling) and because the chronograph kept running, you were able to maintain the second without a time source (radio, news).
A watchmaking friend of mine has mentioned that the spare parts policy from IWC is very stringent these days (I can partly confirm that because I had asked to get original parts for it in Hong Kong and there were none in watch parts shops, most likely only at the IWC service center) and that it would be almost impossible to get parts. Well, I will see when our soon 15 year old MechaQuartz movements need parts.

PS the red mark is a "service mark" of mine, I think the Energizer battery lasted 2 years only and might have not been the freshest when replaced. Also very nice, the new Renatas show the manufacturing and best before date on the 10er card board packing. Not on the individual packing, but still a very improvement. Also the design of the 10er box has been modernized.

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