WS 25 Battery change on MechaQuartz IWC Caliber 631 R397 (SR726SW)

No, I did not mean to skip the sequence of the watch work. But I felt you must be curious now to have a closer look at this "very nicely jeweled" movement as Adam in NYC (fellow PMWFer and Admin) put it. It is indeed a lovely movement to look at and I am every time tempted to take new movement shots. If you do watch work documentation you will probably feel like me: always torn between getting the job done in a reasonable time while trying to get nice shots too. While I tried hard this time, the white balance was not always set as I wish it would have. Still, I think the picture gives you an impression of the beauty of the caliber that combines a mechanical chronograph with Quartz precision. You will note the little circled plus sign next to the Quartz crystal (left middle of the picture), that is where you could adjust the speed of this Quartz module.
On the right hand and upper side you see the mechanical chronograph module. Please also note that I have already cleaned the edge of the case from excess silicon and some crust that I have found near the chronograph pushers. But you will notice that on the pictures to come that follow again the sequence of the work.

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