WS 25 Battery change on MechaQuartz IWC Caliber 631 R397 (SR726SW)

Here is the front of the watch that had been bought 13 years ago in Switzerland (1993). It is my Kritaya's favorite watch and in almost daily use. And obviously she takes care of her number 1, because it still looked like this when I started to change the battery. Oops! No, it is not the wrong picture. I normally interrupt my PC day with a walk around the house and non-sitting activities and on that day, I almost stepped on this little fellow. No, I am not that clumsy, just the young frog is very small, about 3 cm high when sitting and his skin is supposed to provide him with natural camouflage. I only noticed something jumping and then had a to look very close to spot him.
I thought my daughter would like to have him for a couple of days . "Froggie" as she called him was getting a lot of attention, a bigger house with swimming pool and ladder, floating leaves, a pile of leaves to hide and he got also a portion of daily fresh insects. Never really a problem to find these in Thailand. "Froggie" will go back to his natural habitat on Sunday after having stayed with us for 4 days.
Now the battery change will start, click on the picture to continue please.

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