WS 21 How to use a Spring Bar Fork tool

The Tool in Full View

The handle of this tool is made in Hong Kong and the tool tips are original tool tips from Bergeon. Bergeon offers the spring bar tool Nr. 6767 which is of course a bit more expensive. Using a less expensive handle and original tool tips seemed like a good compromise.
The lower left part is the thin fork that is normally used to open bracelet spring bars. But it can also be used for leather straps. Careful with 18 Karat gold watches, that is a stainless steel fork and can leave nasty scratches inside full gold lugs. Of course also on stainless steel or Titanium cases.
The wider fork is normally used to "squeeze and release" leather strap spring bars. Both tips can be unscrewed and replaced and the thinner fork end features a thin pin pusher on the opposite end that can be used to open deployant clasp spring bars but should not be used as pin pusher for bracelet pins when resizing a bracelet (use a pin pusher or bracelet sizing tool for this - both links open a new window in our shop)! The pin pusher is too fragile and thin and it is just right to be used to remove the spring bar that connects the bracelet to the fine adjustment holes at the clasp. Please read on, soon you will see a picture of the clasp and the fine adjustment holes >>>

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