WS 21 How to use a Spring Bar Fork tool

Removing a bracelet - Step 2: Removing the End Link Spring Bar

Just as a reminder, I have placed the spring bar from the clasp next to the watch case. One should always open the bracelet at the fine adjustment holes of the clasp (easiest way to open a bracelet, almost always) when removing bracelets. Removing the spring bar from the clasp is a matter of seconds and facilitates the following work a lot.
Because removing the spring bar - that hopefully have a shoulder to safely place the fork - can be quite tricky. The opening of the end links are not always big. And if you have so little space to work with, you are really happy that there is no connected bracelet dangling in front of your eyes and blocking the view and hindering optimal working angles.
Some end link spring bars have no shoulders. In the example below, both the clasp's spring bar and the end link's spring bar have shoulders which make it a lot easier to remove them. Thus maybe as a shopping tip, if you buy a stock of spring bars, make sure they have shoulders. It is really quite painful to remove spring bars that have no shoulders and the risk of slipping and scratching the case is a lot higher.

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