WS 21 How to use a Spring Bar Fork tool

Some Tricks when re-attaching the leather strap or bracelet

HINT 1) If you insert the spring bar into a new leather strap, WIDEN THE STRAP HOLES FIRST WITH AN ALE OR 2.0 mm SCREWDRIVER. It will make sure that the leather temporarily expands and it allows you to insert the spring bar with out pushing it in hard and eventually bending it

HINT 2) Ever mounted the buckle or clasp on the wrong side, that it hung from the wrong end of the watch? I use a very simply rule for this:
BRACELET WITH DEPLOYANT CLASP: THE CLASP'S FINE ADJUSTMENT HOLES END IS ALWAYS ATTACHED AT 12 O'CLOCK and of course you had opened the bracelet for easier working before by removing the spring bar at the clasp with the fine adjustment holes.

HINT 3) Assuming you are a right hander and hold the watch with the back pointing to you and the crown pointing up and that you have inserted the spring bar in the hole of the band or in the endlink: ALWAYS PLACE THE LOWER SPRING BAR END INTO THE LOWER LUG HOLE FIRST. THEN WHILE HOLDING THE WATCH AND STRAP OR BRACELET END-LINK WITH THE THUMB AND INDEX OF THE LEFT HAND, WORK ON THE UPPER END OF THE SPRING BAR AND PRESS IT DOWN WITH THE SPRING BAR FORK FROM THE INSIDE OF THE LUG or simply remember the picture below. If your spring fork tool slips or the spring bar does not find its lug hole, then an eventual sliding hairline will be on the inside of the lugs.

Good luck to you all! And remember, if you have a special situation that you require help for or if you had a good success, is the place to share it!

Updated on September 12th 2006

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok

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