WS 21 How to use a Spring Bar Fork tool

Removing a rubber strap - Step 2: Insert the thin fork into the gap

Without leaning too much on the lug try to compress the spring bar while constantly pressing with the index of the right hand. Since I have a small stock of spring bars, I do not worry too much about a flying spring bar. But I do care about my watches look, even inside the lugs. That is why I rather focus on keeping the watch in pristine condition rather then trying to spare the spring bar from marks. With some practice you will develop a feeling on how much compression it takes until the spring bar moves out of its hole. Once you have created a gap to insert your spring bar's thin fork, rubber bands are not that difficult to remove.

Repeat the same two steps (squeezing and compressing the spring bar) on the other side of the watch and you are done.

Putting a new rubber band on is very similar to replacing a leather band. Simply make sure that the lower spring bar end sits in its hole, then use the thumbnail of the right hand (the left hand is holding the watch and the working lug is on the right) to compress the spring bar and slide it until it clicks to its final secure position.

TEST! Always pull the rubber band to make sure it sits firmly! Of course you do the same with leather bands and bracelets. Do not be shy to pull them pretty hard, only this way you will be sure that the spring bar ends have found the lug holes.

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