WS 21 How to use a Spring Bar Fork tool

Removing a rubber strap

I am sure that there are countless variations to deal with the stiff SEIKO rubber bands Z20 and Z22. If you manage these two, then you probably manage any rubber band.
If you have a softer rubber strap, then you will have a lot less problems since squeezing it, does not take that much force. This is not just a "show" shot, I used the timer of the camera to take this picture and used my right index and thumb to squeeze the 22 mm wide SEIKO Z22 strap to create that little gap necessary to insert the thin fork of the spring bar tool. Just look at the white skin on my fingers to see what kind of force it takes to squeeze those stiff bands. Now hold that gap open by squeezing very hard with the right thumb and index and then use the left hand to grab the spring bar fork tool...

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