WS 21 How to use a Spring Bar Fork tool

Removing a bracelet - Warning!

Some people might get away with this unintended use of the spring bar fork as a bracelet pin pusher. However as soon as they encounter a tight sitting split pin in a bracelet, they will probably break the relatively thin pin and scratch the bracelet. Especially painful if it is a brand new watch. These kind of shortcuts do not pay off! Also the pusher on the spring bar fork tool is normally a bit too short (at least for gents watches bracelet widths) and thus you will not be able to push the bracelet pin all the way out. You will then have to resort to using a pair of pliers and trying to grip and pull out split pins can end in squeezing them to useless scrap metal. Use a pin pusher if you want to resize a bracelet, or the clever bracelet sizing tool. They are all described in the tutorial just below:

Please read this TUTORIAL on HOW TO resize the most common bracelet types

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