WS 18 A simple DIY Leather Strap

In the last week of September I was watch hunting in China town. Right, pest control again at our house. Thus I am forced to leave the house until the fumes evaporated and normally take this chance for a trip to China town. And after I found some nice URIKA Vintage watches quicker then expected, I took some time for a stroll. Bangkok's China town is fascinating. If you do not mind the dirty air, the buzzling traffic and the general noise level, then you should have some fun shopping here!
After walking for a while I found a shop that sold leather accessories. Wow, the sales person was a real racist, fearing we he could not communicate, he said "We only sell to resellers!". No need to even talk one more word with people like this.
30 meters down the road, they sold to foreigners. The young sales lady  - probably from the North East of Thailand, also known as Isarn - was friendly, had a good mood and decided to put up with my Thai accent.
Anyway, an hour and a half later, I walked out of the shop with a huge bag full of leather accessories. Heart shaped buttons for my daughter were also in my first batch of accessories. Yesterday I found that there where still some tools missing. Also last Thursday, my bags were so heavy, I could not walk further and could not visit the leather shop that according to the sales lady, was just around the block. So I decided to buy raw leather later. Yesterday October 5th, I had to go again. I needed those additional tools and I wanted to buy some leather too.
I left with another heavy load of accessories and tools - the shop owner that turned me down as a customer was sure looking a bit ... well, deserves him right.
This morning, it was time to give those tools a try. The result, a first simple leather strap. Btw. I also bought brown tanned and black leather, at a better quality, at a higher price too. But I think USD 2.5 for a square foot is a decent price.

Bangkok, October 6th 2004

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The raw leather

The tools needed

A closer look

The Orsa on the new strap!

From the wearer's side

The button lock

After impregnating the strap with Reveal

The Happy End!

PS Due to my deteriorating eye sight I decided to use a slightly larger font within the tables from now on. The old font was 8 pts, this one is 10 pts.