WS 18: A simple DIY Leather Strap

The big leather scissors are a good investment at ca. 9 USD. This kind of scissors will cut straight through thicker skins and the open handle allows to press down with the palm rather then with the fingers only. A hammer, a ruler and a wooden working plank were of course in the household already. Also the hole cutter was already in the tool box. The most important tools to fix those buttons are the aluminium disk with a hole matching the size of the button and the punch with a spherical tip that will allow you to connect the two-piece button's top and down side. This button is basically a rivet. All you need to do is to hammer confidently and straight.

Btw. you see the lower two parts of the button on the button disk. I was surprised how easy that went. I had experimented with a nylon ribbon yesterday to get a feel for the tools and also experimented a bit with different rivets. Just to get a feel how those materials react while being hammered. I found it quite important that the first stroke is pretty sold and straight, then rivets and buttons can be hammered until they sit tighly. If the first stroke is not solid, the parts might misalign and then not lock properly. Luckily those rivets and buttons are quite inexpensive, so better try on something less expensive then leather first. You can rivet a couple of newspaper sheets together if you have no other materials handy.

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