WS 18: A simple DIY Leather Strap

I had simply cut a paper template to measure the circumference of the wrist. Then I drew two parallel lines 20 mm (lug width) apart on the back of the leather. Cut the strap, cut the holes for the buttons and then hammered the button parts together. I was actually surprised how little time this took! Writing this reports takes a lot more time, just shows what cumbersome interfaces we still use (mouse, keyboard) these days...

The next strap I will probably try to cut a bit skewed, so that the lower side is a bit narrower then the upper side. Of course the lower side popped out a bit when I had to bend that strap near the spring bars. But this is the first release and I am quite happy with the way it turned out.
The leather is ca. 2 mm thick and my biggest surprise was how comfortable it is to wear! And at this strap cost, I am probably wearing leather now a bit more often too!

I also bought leather needles and thread, I am going to experiment with stitching those straps later too. I have a very powerful sewing machine that I brought along from Switzerland that easily stitches through 2 mm leather. That will give me a lot more options e.g. to also mount normal buckles on straps etc.

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