HOW TO measure the overall length of a bracelet and watch
Part of the "Tricks nobody told me" Series

Many times I had some problems measuring the overall length of a bracelet for my watch sales site. My wrist is too thin, 6.5 inches or 16.5 cm and measuring a new not resized bracelet with all links was always kind of cumbersome. On August 25th 2004, I finally had a good idea... well, at least for me this has simplified the process ... please see the picture below.

Simpler Variant!
Even easier thanks to Hung Pham, a fellow watch and avionics enthusiast: after putting the watch over the paper roll, simply mark the edge of the paper with a pencil or pen, unfold the paper and measure with a straight ruler. Very clever and even easier!
(Bangkok, September 6th 2004)