HOW TO put on a NATO-style strap quickly
Part of the "Tricks nobody told me" Series

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Step 1: The Loop Step 2: Through the Loop Step 3: Pull and almost done!  Link to MKII Watches

Instead of placing the watch on the wrist, then pressing the wrist against the chest and now trying to thread the free end of the strap trough the buckle, try this! Faster and safer. A couple of times I almost drop the watches using the "chest press" method. This one is safer and faster.

I suspect this will work for most wrists. However if your strap is short and your arm and hand are big, then you might have to use the "chest press" method

Pull the free end and thread the thorn through the matching hole in the strap and you are done!

If you want to learn about the "Official Method" or "Popular" Method" of how to thread the long loose end of the strap, then click on the thumbnail above and look at Bill Yao's tutorial at