HOW TO make nice additional holes into Nylon straps

Problem: My new Orsa Quartz Chrono Nato-style strap was just a bit too long for my 6.5 inch wrist (16.5 cm). I needed an additional hole. But I wanted it to be nicely cut, equidistant and just looking like the others.


Step 1: Find the right size nail pin and a pair of nice big pliers - you do not want to heat your hands while heating the pin

This nickel coated pin turned into a nice blue after heating

Step 2: Use an empty cigarette box or any other cardbox, cut a hole and mount the nylon strap with 3M onto it. You will be happy when working with that very hot pin to have a nice work setup. I also marked the exact location on the 3M tape with a black felt tip pen.

Step 3: Heat the pin with a suitable heat source, a cigarette or better, cigar lighter does the job if you have to improvise. Or the gas stove on a low flame. Or a jeweler's micro torch. Push the hot nail perpendicularly through the strap and right back out. You do not want to wait too long and have the pin stuck in the strap.

The left most hole is the newly cut hole

Step 4: Put the watch on and be happy about the perfect fit of the strap.

Additional hint: "Hairy" cheap Nylons can be temporarily fixed by using a lighter. Keep a distance of about 2 cm below the strap and drive the lighter along the edges of the strap. The loose hairs will immediately melt and your inexpensive Nylon will look smooth. Repeat if necessary.

PS For leather straps I use a Bergeon hole cutter. I had experimented too many times trying to cut nice additional holes into leather straps for thin Asian wrists. Finally I gave up and bought a Bergeon hole cutter that comes with two different hole sizes. What a good investment, cutting additional holes also into multi-layered straps is now real fun.