WS 10: HOW TO refurbish satin brushed surfaces

Please also see the newly added article WS 23: "Adjusting Clasps"

The Tools you will need, not much and probably already in your house hold!


How to do it:

         Test with lower pressure on the inside of the bracelet first and then check with a 10x loupe to see how the micro lines look at large magnification!

         Always follow the line of the original brushing

         Always interrupt your work and check with the loupe about the progress

         Always only pull the tool, never push it

         Try to pull as straight as possible if the original brush is straight - never rub in circles!

        Be very carful on cases and bezels, you can scratch a mineral crystal using these abrasive tools!

        On cases you might want to leave the scratches or hairlines if they are not grave. a watch case is far more sensitive to "advertise" refurbishing attempts due to its curvature. because of that curvature light will fall in from all angles and you have to work a lot more carefully in order to make your refurbishment perfect. an additional restriction is, that you can not reach all the parts on the watch case equally well.