WS 3: Servicing Hand Wind AS 1130 Royal Aug 2002

This article does not claim to be a manual how to dismantle and reassemble the Cal. AS 1130 Hand Wind Movement. Look at it as a pictorial or experience report from my first servicing an AS 1130 under tuition from Rob Berkavicius. Rob just has moved from Perth Australia to Bangkok, Thailand and I am very lucky to have such an experienced trainer and friend.
I also omitted many steps, because honestly, I just forgot them. And it is a lot easier when you do the actual work then to write about it later.

Servicing the AS 1130 Hand Wind

I found this watch at Saphan Khwai, near the Jatujak Weekend Market. If you are interested, click here to read how I found this watch.

This was my second "real" watchmaking work, after servicing the Chinese Automatic ST6. And what a "walk in the park" this should be compared to the really tough experience with the ST6. It really showed, how much easier it is to work on a movement that had been manufactured to much narrower tolerances. Of course that previous experience had an influence, but e.g. assembling the wheel train of this watch was really a piece of cake. Putting the bridge back on was so easy, everything just seemed to fall in place. So let us begin with a picture of the watch containing that hand wind A. Schild Caliber 1130.

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