Step 3: Removing winding mechanism and the barrel

Removing the barrel cover is quite easy: hold the barrel with the cover facing down between the thumb and the index and middle finger, then strike the barrel arbor with a brass hammer or other suitable (no hard surface) tool and the cover should jump off. Another method is to lay the barrel on the workpad with the cover up and press on the teeth on opposite sides (this applies upward force to the barrel arbor) until the barrel cover clicks open.

Barrel springs normally are either

Almost all watchmaker lubricate the springs regardless whether they are white or blue. Use the blue oiler and draw about 4 lines accross the spring, the capillary force will make sure the oil will be sucked into the windings.

Replacing the barrel cover is also easy, put the cover on and place the brass tweezers on either side of the barrel arbor and press down. The cover should engage with an audible click. I found this quite an amazing experience, I was just imagining what kind of manufacturing tolerance it takes to produce those parts!

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