Step 2: Removing the balance assembly

Before removing the balance assembly, let us have a look at the movement from the dial side. You can clearly see the setting mechanism (well it is actually a bit out of focus:-)), the barrel, the setting lever spring, the minute wheel under it and on the left side the bottom cap jewel and lyre spring of the shock protection.

This is a picture showing the balance side of the movement. Checking the condition of the hairspring, the spring being not damaged, in one pane and equidistant is one of the first things to assess the condition of the movement. And his hairspring looks perfectly alright.

Removing the balance always requires enormous caution because the balance or hairspring spring is probably one of the most fragile parts in a watch movement. Remove the balance cock screws and then carefully lift the balance cock and angle the balance wheel out of its position. Just lift the balance cock softly,  the balance spring will easily support the weight of the balance wheel. Do not pull and do not touch or bend the balance spring, otherwise the watch might not beat properly anymore. Place the balance assembly on the work pad and then rock it over softly with a pegwood until it rests with the balance cock underneath and the balance wheel on top. See this picture from the Chinese Cal. ST6 for an illustration and use the back button of your browser to come back here and continue.

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