Step 1: Opening the case back and removing the movement

Opening the case back was no problem, thanks to the big slots in the case back:

Slackening the setting lever screw (the one just above the line of the stem and the crown wheel with the left threaded screw) and removing the stem was easy. And as I mentioned before, always immediately put the stem back after removing the movement, you will be very happy to have a good handle to hold and turn the movement for the later works. Normally a little push is sufficient to engage the stem back into place.

Now it is a good time to release any remaining tension on of the main spring. Hold the crown between thumb and index of your left hand and start to turn the crown a little bit into winding direction. Use your right hand and the tips of the brass tweezers of any pointed but not hard (steel) tool to shift the click to its positions where it is disengaged from the big ratchet wheel. In the picture below, you would turn the click anti-clockwise until it is disengaged from the ratchet wheel. Then slightly release the pressure from the crown and let the crown slowly unwind until it stops. Now the main spring is unloaded and the watch should stop beating.

This is an important step and I always tend to forget it. Also because I am really a beginner and because too many things are new at this stage. But actually it is quite logical, you also do not work on your car's engine while it is running, well for most of the tasks that is.

Please click here (Chinese Automatic Cal. ST6) on how to remove the hands and dial.

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