WS 2: Dismantling, cleaning and oiling a Chinese Automatic Cal ST6 Movement

This article does not claim to be a manual how to dismantle and reassemble the Cal. ST6. This is rather a pictorial report about my experiences dismantling my first Automatic movement assisted by a tutor. There are steps I omitted consciously since I felt it would be out of this article's scope. Nevertheless you will find some interesting information and the article also contains a surprise. Not a very pleasant one for me, but you might be able to avoid making a similar mistake :-)

Servicing the ST6 Automatic

As I stated in my foreword to "Watch School", it is a good idea to start with an inexpensive watch. Rob my tutor actually wanted to start with a hand wind, which would of course have been a better idea, because hand winds are simpler movements normally, but I had no inexpensive hand wind movement at hand and thus decided to start with this Chinese Automatic Cal. ST6. I got this movement buying a fake Omega Seamaster (right in picture) for ca. USD 15. And it seemed a reasonable risk to start with.

Note regarding fakes or replicas: I want to state very clearly here, that I do not encourage to buy fake watches, I made comparison between the real and the fake Seamaster, in order to help you recognize fakes. You find the comparison here. And that also was the primary motivation to buy this replica.

Last but not least, please do not expect high class watch photography. For a beginner like me, it was hard work to work on the watch already. And it took quite a bit of discipline to interrupt the work many times, move the tripod over and take pictures. Thus please look at these pictures as a documentation and be forgiving if the lighting at times is not perfect. But of course, those pictures can also be a great help if there should be problems when assembling the watch later.

If you work on an unknown movement or a movement you do not have a manual for, taking pictures or otherwise recording all the steps is strongly recommended. You could waste hours when reassembling it.

The watch on the right seemed to be the ideal candidate to start with - and you will also learn, why it was not really the ideal candidate to start with ...

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