Step 13 Assembling the balance

Cleaning and oiling the balance: in Step 6 you have already seen that we had disassembled the cap jewels on both ends of the pallet staff.

The dismantled balance should be rinsed in spirit (we used Ronson lighter fuel). Then after placing the items on a piece of regular printer paper to dry, the cap jewels get one drop of oil on the flat side. Make sure, that the small drop of oil is concentric on the cap jewel pane, then insert the cap jewel into the shock protection assembly and check, whether that drop of oil is still in the center of the stone. You should see the outlines of  a dark circle, that means, that the oil is still in place where it should remain during the replacing of the cap jewels into the chatons.

This is where the stereoscope really comes into action, it is a lot easier to do there works under a proper magnification. At the time we serviced this Chinese automatic, I did not yet have the stereoscope and assembling the shock protection was very very hard. Also because the nudge behind one of the lyre springs was maybe not properly manufactured. A small piece of Rodico did the trick for us, to insert the lyre spring

and to keep the lyre spring on the top of the bottom plate in place.

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