Watch Hunting in Tokyo with Seiya-san

Dear All

It was a great pleasure to meet Seiya-san* and Mami-san on Wednesday October 23rd 2002.  My first non-business trip to Tokyo - I save the rest of Japan for my (hopefully) old days - and it was very interesting to experience more of the life on the sidewalks during the day. What definitely strikes any visitor is that these masses of people move on the sidewalks without banging each other off the center of the gravitation ;)

Seiya-san was so generous and took half a day off, to see me around Tokyo's watch hunting grounds. And Mami-san his wife accompanied us to facilitate communication despite the fact, that she had to do the presentation of her thesis the very next morning. Are those not unbelievable hosts? Domo arigato** one more time to both of you: not only for the great lunch (domo oishi***) and guidance, but also for the great shopping assistance. That was truly a very memorable meeting.

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Once you are in the tour, just click on the picture to go through the report please. For your reference, USD to JPY was at 124 during our trip. Quite easy to calculate, divide JPY by 1000 and multiply with 8.

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, October 26th, 2002

*the Japanese title for Mr. and Ms/Mrs.
** Thank you very much
*** Very tasteful

Busy Ginza Shopping District

This was a normal Wednesday Afternoon!

The most exclusive watch shop on Ginza

Seiya-san and Reto

Shop with Military Watches and Instruments at Ginza

Interesting fashion statements everywhere in Tokyo

Watch Kan or Sakuraya Shop Shinjuku

First Shot of the Shining Beauty

Second Shot of the Grand Seiko

Shopping in Shinjuku at around 5 PM

DoCoMo is still a hit, phones have cameras now!

First thing at home, resize the GS :-)

This one needed no resizing

Was playing with it during the whole flight back

This one I actually bought for Greg, it is just sitting on my wrist