Now it is about time to start talking serious stuff: watches :-) The first watch shop Lemon-ya we visited in Ginza was actually a camera shop that just recently added a watch business to its premises. A couple of glass vitrines carry vintage, NOS and new watches from a variety of origins. I was attracted by a Bulova GMT with turning 24 hour bezel, the price was only JPY 68'000. That was quite a surprise compared to the stainless steel Daytona from the 80ies that went for JPY 1'500'

Below is one of the most exclusive watch shops at Ginza, the WAKO, owned by the Seiko family. They do not only feature Seikos, but also most of the top Swiss and other imported brands. They also have a selection of Credor watches (the Seiko line between Brightz and Grand Seiko) that are a popular wedding gift in Japan. We looked at a beautiful Credor GMT watch with very special hands in Titanium. Price 220'000 JPY, of course I had to ask whether they give discounts, all I got as a reply was a smile and a friendly no and a facial expression that said "are you serious?". The sales girl by the way was wearing a Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso, I asked her, whether that was her watch and she smiled in way that also contained an almost invisible, it was a watch from the shop's inventory.
That window decoration is really great class IMO, very avantgarde and the whole shop interiour (no photos, we asked;-)) reflects luxury and suggests "please do not ask for discounts, can't you see what this decoration cost?"
Please also note the unintentional interesting reflection of two Ginza streets since this shop is located at a crossing and I obviously took the shot at the right position. And one little riddle: can you find Seiya-san in the reflection? If not, just go on to the next picture, there is a very clear picture of us.