Third station was the small Ogura vintage watch shop were Mami-san took that picture below.

Well smiling on command is not that easy, but I can tell you, we had a lot of fun that afternoon. Mami-san, Seiya-san's wife took this shot for us. The shop behind us offers vintage Rolex, Omegas and also quite a selection of vintage Seikos, but again, at Ginza prices. It must be the high standard in Japan, and of course of Ginza in Tokyo especially, but I found the prices were consistently high.

On Sunday I had seen a multi-purpose pocket knife with maybe 9 blades and tools that only attracted my attention, because it had a price tag of JPY 3'000'000. Of course I immediately went into that shop close to Tokyo's most famous Senso-ji temple in Asakusa and asked the owner whether that price tag was correct. Yes, it was correct, but our language barrier hindered a further investigation why that knife was so expensive. Probably a general's knife from a war, I had no other explanation, since the workmanship of the knife was not that great, judging from visual inspection through the shop window. But it might have been a multi-blade knife made centuries before they became mass products affordable for anybody. And that, for a real knife collector could make that price tag of roughly USD 25'000 (2001) attractive. In this context I also remember having seen a 100 blade knife in my hometown's best knife shop (the owner is an avid collector) that cost the small sum of EUR 20'000 at the time I had seen the knife and inquired about it. I seem to have an eye for the very expensive stuff yet having very shallow pockets ;)

Seiya looks so cool on this picture. And I look like a dimwit with that forced photo smile LOL! I guess I was just too excited and eager to carry on the hunt :)