Cagi Due, a watch shop with many military watches, Panerais and some selected Swiss brands. It was hard to take a good shot because of the reflections, but inside the green ellipsis, there are a Panerai depth meter, a Panerai compass and a huge Panerai watch. Those watches are at least 60 years old and must have been worn over those huge pressurized dive suits from the past. To the right of the green ellipsis some current Panerais. A very interesting shop, but with Ginza prices, that means 0% discount. But I would ask anyway, asking never hurts and e.g. in Germany's famous Wempe jewelry shop, you can discounts up to 40% on selected items if you dare to ask. Maybe it is the Japanese style, that one does not ask for discounts in those shops. Due by the way means "two" in English and Cagi is an Italian name, Cagi is also a famous leather products company in Italy. But I do not think there is any link between those two businesses except the common Italian origin of some of their products.