Greg always wanted an Orient Star Power Reserve GMT. But I found those Power Reserve GMT watches not to be real GMT watches and brought him this Orient GMT with a turning 24 hour bezel instead. Actually I am hoping he does not like it, but I know my chances are very low :-) I would really love to keep this one, this is a great looking alternative to a Rolex Explorer II, of course in an other category, but still.

In case you urgently "need" one of those, please contact Seiya-san, I am sure he will be able to help.

Regarding Rolex Explorer II: I have found a watch shop that sells the Rolex Explorer II (MSRP in Japan is JPY 478'000) with black face for JPY 448'000 and the white face for JPY 378'000. Amazing, that black face is worth USD 564 (!) to the Japanese customer!

Now I have to rush to catch a meeting of Siam Naliga, the Seiko Monsters (20 SKX779K and 10 orange SKX781K) will be handed out to the monster hungry WIS community of Thailand :-)

I hope you enjoyed the tour and hope to see you again somewhere in watch land. But the last word of thanking goes again to Japan, to Seiya-san and Mami-san. Without their great care and assistance, my watch hunting in Tokyo would not have been possible! Thank you again, domo arigato!

Reto Castellazzi, Bangkok, October 27th, 2002