DoCoMo the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone service that went ahead of the other 2nd generation systems (Edge, GPRS and GMS) is still a big success.

Almost all the phones now include a digital camera, as small as they might be. Amazing really. I have seen the youngsters holding up their phones towards them in front of a Disneyland or Disneysea attraction, shooting picture and then sending them to friends.

While waiting in the queue for food at Disneyland, I had also seen that some of the phones had red heart shaped lights next to the scroll button, I guess those must be the lights for love notes coming in :-) And I have seen with how much virtuosity those Japanese text messages are composed. That extended SMS messaging really became a huge success in Japan. DoCoMo - I have been told - means something similar to "Where ever you go" in Japanese.

The prices for the newest phones range from JPY 7'000 to JPY 14'000 approximately.

The last and 7th watch shop was BEST quite close to Sakuraya also in Shinjuku, maybe a 200 m walk. That shop has a great selection of imported and domestic watches and also has a nice department of pre-owned watches in the basement. Seiya-san told me, that there are sometimes good finds to be made there. It just takes patience and luck, especially in a land where there seem to be so many collectors, shops are certainly aware of the value of their goods. In addition, there are often booms that also heat the prices for certain models.