Another view of Ginza, the streets are crowded, but you do not really have to worry while walking in the crowds, the Japanese are really careful and polite in those situations. The only negative experience was during the rush hour. I had to protect my daughter's head in the tube, those "pseudo" top managers swang their briefcases in complete discrepancy with the known love for children of Japanese people in general. But I guess that increased pressure during rush hour over a long period of time will of course influence people's behavior. All in all, Tokyo's pedestrians are like angles compared to the much more pushy Hongkees. In Hong Kong people will always try to sneak into your path and gain a few millimeters. In Tokyo, everyone tries to avoid collision and looks ahead and will adjust their path of walking. I was really surprised that walking on even more crowded sidewalks in Tokyo was so easy and with a lot less friction and stress then in Hong Kong. In addition the quality of the infrastructure (roads, sidewalks, trains) is in much better condition. In Bangkok, you should never walk without having your eyes directed at the sidewalk, you might easily end up in a whole and break your ankle.
I am not trying to favor Tokyo over Bangkok or Hong Kong, I guess all those cities have their highlights and are fascinating and definitely worth a visit. My picks for the most outstanding attributes of each city would be:

Then again, those are only my personal picks, so they might not be representative or match your experience :-)