Probably one of the best and fastest (transfers) watch afternoons ever - trains, trains, trains, yeah!

We started our watch hunt with an opulent lunch at the noble Chinese restaurant with in incredibly high ceiling located on the 2nd floor of the Kumamoto Hotel in Ginza. If you go there, you have to try their signature dish: spicy tofu, it will be a bit hot depending on how spicy you are able to eat, but it tastes really really delicious! I have been living in Thailand since almost 8 years now (October 2002) and I really miss spicy food. So this was a very wise choice from Mami-san and Seiya-san, I am sure they knew, I would be liking it. The pork, noodle and egg plant dishes very also sumptuous!

After this great lunch experience, it was time to walk. I was so lucky to finish two big bowls of that delicious unperfumed Japanese Rice (Thai rice is a bit perfumed, I could do without it actually). I did not know at that time, that we would be walking for 4 hours. In fact, I love walking and I have been hiking all my life and the weather that afternoon was sunny and about 16 degree Celsius, the conditions were perfect for watch hunting.

Below is a picture of the  famous Ginza shopping district of Tokyo. A bustling place with the most luxurious shops and probably the highest real eastate prices in the world. This is on a regular Wednesday afternoon at around 3 PM, huge number of shoppers in the middle of a working day's afternoon. Obviously the notoriously high prices of Ginza do not scare Japanese shoppers too much. And I can tell you, coming from a developing country with a very slow and recessive economy, I was equally puzzled and pleased to see the Japanese "shop until they drop". Amazing how well the domestic economy seems to be going. Mami-san told me that the salaries in Japan have been stagnant during the economic slow down and after the Asian bubble burst in 1997, but in the same time, the prices have been coming down significantly, so the people actually have real income gain and this explains the shopping mood I have seen everywhere in Tokyo. Any time of the day, shops are crowded and people were shopping and buying...reminded me a bit of Thailand 1995.