I am turning now 180 degrees and you can see hole 16 and 17 of the Willingdon Gold Course. And of course in the foreground a larger portion of that village we had just been talking about. Very interesting, not many people teed of in the early morning hours. Now in December the weather is very nice and I would have loved to play a round there. But our work schedule was very very tight, our work pretty physical at times, thus a round of golf under the still pretty hot sun of Bombay would have been additionally exhausting. Not to imagine how people could play a round of golf here in June, during the most humid and rainy season. To my impression, this golf course, although located in the heart of one of the most crowded cities in the world, was well underutilized and the cause might be the heat and the air quality or maybe very restrictive membership conditions.

We finished our trip to the office and now I needed to impatiently wait for an occasion to do some watch hunting. Only on our second last day or after 7 days of working non-stop our work had progressed to a level where it was safe to "escape" for two hours.

Salim stopped about 3 minutes after we had left the car park of the office and told me, to take a photo. I was a bit confused, all I saw was an old stone bridge, we got plenty of those back in Switzerland and I did not quite understand. After getting out of the car and glancing over the side walls of the bridge near the Maha Lakshma Railway Station I found this most unbelievable view! 

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