Back in Bangkok I shot the following pictures, there was simply no time during the trip, although, the appropriate stage accessories were at home.
I picked three watches with different movements for my trip report: the Ladies' Dipti Handwind on the left, the Pankaj Handwind in the middle and my personal favorite, the Automatic Day-Date Rajat. As a true WIS I have of course inspected those three watches under my 40 x stereoscope and found that the finish of the movements was solid. Nothing outstanding, but solid quality. I was however surprised when measuring the power reserve. I assume these watches have been laying in that shop in Dadar for a while, but the results of the power reserve test were very pleasing. Dipti and Pankaj - the two handwinds - 40 hours and Rajat ticked for a happy 44 hours in the dial-up position.